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We selected some of our favorite projects to illustrate the clients’ journeys with us and the transformative work they committed to in their pursuit of doing the extraordinary. 


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Trailblazer-in-the metaverse


A trailblazer in the metaverse

Define product value with the leadership team.

The company pivoted from a VR studio to an open Metaverse platform and enabled peer-to-peer transactions with the launch of its token, YOM.


Pivoting strategy with digital

Build a new strategy for digital to pursue new business models.

Onboarding digital capabilities went hand in hand with redefining the company’s purpose and restructuring business practices to build a learning culture.


Building a stronger brand

Select the stronger of the two brands during a company acquisition.

Based on valuable insights from the Brand 360 model, the Board of Directors selected the brand with more equity that better fit the company strategy.


Rebranding from within

Build an authentic brand to leverage learning culture for scale.

The company created a more authentic identity to scale the business in an agile way, empowering micro teams to experiment, achieve results, and learn more rapidly.


Building a stronger UX practice

Elevate UX to become a shared responsibility.

Leadership recognized the value of adapting the existing product development process to began to work on creating a more impactful digital experiences and lasting cross-functional UX practices.

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