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Outcome-driven action is a multi-level process.

Complex challenges require better tools to navigate them.

We want to make sure our clients have the right tools and creative models to grow and achieve breakthroughs.

When the answer is unknown, and the usual methods fail, we propose a high dose of creative power to generate insights.

Work with powerful tools

The existing strategy and product design tools have a wide blind spot:

Relationships between ideas, products, and decisions that unlock value is, at best, implied.

We build new frameworks that integrate creative problem-solving, innovation, complexity, and metaphors in a flexible design to help you identify, reframe and, solve your challenges more effectively.

Some of our templates are available on Miro.


NEW! Our latest tool, Multi Ocean Strategy Framework, is a new framework for creating impactful strategies in the ecosystem economy.

We collaborated with Kevin Richard from Design & Critical Thinking Community on this ambitious project to solve complex challenges more effectively.

Interested to dive in?

Get unstuck by shifting your perspective and discover unique insights by seeing different possibilities as oceans, companies as players, and risks as monsters.

Free eBooks

We research, experiment, test, and iterate on new tools to empower teams looking for more creative approaches to solve their complex challenges.

Active Empathy

Active Empathy is an activity thinking tool to complement and enhance Design Thinking methodologies.

With Active Empathy, you uncover real customer needs and unique insights to use in your strategy and product development.


A makeover of the classic SWOT, Meta-SWOT is a dynamic and action-driven tool for strategic scenarios.

Meta-SWOT offers a powerful and more connected narrative that eases the execution path through actionable insights.


In the age of exponential growth of knowledge and change, critical thinking needs an upgrade to sense new ideas.

Sense-framing is a new model that deepens collaboration, helping teams discover powerful insights and breakthroughs.

Tap into your source of insights

Underestimating the quality and the relevance of insights in your work, can prove costly and detrimental to your success.

Insight-led actions are the most powerful way to grow, build trust and turn disruption into an opportunity.

We share insights to make them real and useful to your strategy, creativity, and critical thinking.

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Latest Updates


Empathy Gap Icebreaker is a collaboration tool to get teams more engaged and creative.


An ICT consulting company merges its learning and data culture to create an authentic brand.


You can listen to the latest episode of ODD Owtcomes, “Outcome-led Product Design.”

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