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We keep ideas flowing and release tools to help you make your business more resilient.


Insights with Active Empathy

Active Empathy is an activity thinking tool to complement and enhance Design Thinking methodologies.

Active Empathy helps you uncover real customer needs and unique insights to use in your strategy and product development.


Strategic Scenarios with Meta-SWOT

Meta-SWOT is the makeover of the classic SWOT to turn it into a dynamic and action-driven tool for strategic scenarios.

Meta-SWOT offers a powerful and more connected narrative that eases the execution path through actionable insights.


Senseframing Model to Shift Perspectives

In the age of exponential growth of knowledge and change, critical thinking needs an upgrade.

This new model of framing builds distributed networks through collaboration for better insights and breakthroughs.

ODD Owtcomes, a podcast for fresh doses of disruptive thinking and ideas


Performance Revolution

Performance defines society and us. We will always find a way to demonstrate excellence, just as competition will always be a basic criterion for success. But it shouldn’t be the recipe for growth.



Algorithms: the bad, the good, and the beautiful

If algorithms are rhythms in code, we got the notes right, but the rhythm is clumsy. Instead of music, we create noise. If we fix it, we could transform society.


Impact of Inclusion on Climate Change

What we do about climate change is the ultimate test. It is our biggest challenge and our greatest opportunity to fix inclusivity. There are lessons we are still learning.

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Virtual sessions for stretching the mind

We host small and interactive sessions to discuss new ways of approaching challenges through the lens of creative problem-solving. Together, we disrupt our usual patterns of thinking to establish a deeper sense of understanding. It’s a way to collaborate and integrate change into solving pressing issues.

Interested in staying up-to-date with our resources? Straight to the point, few times a month.


Emotional AI – a Reflection of Ourselves

The next frontier in AI is to get everyone on the same page regarding emotional granularity. Instead of focusing on shortcuts and competition, we have a common goal: the future humans. For now, AI learns and develops on existing data and human input, which is filled with our hopes and fears.



Relationship with goals

The pandemic taught us a good lesson. In the last few decades, we became too obsessed with goals. We urgently need to review our relationship with goals and the value we put on reaching them. Aren’t we mistakenly confusing reaching goals with the capacity to lead?

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We are the same kind of people

Time is only a record of how creative we got about reaching out to each other. The message is still the same. Technology changes but people not so much. Our tools have massively evolved, but the desire to connect is still the same.