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Story of Owtcome

The best solutions emerge from the combined efforts of diverse and multidisciplinary specialists.

We are a team of unconventional thinkers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, driven by a shared purpose: designing for impactful outcomes.

We bring unique skills and capabilities from our business, technical, and social sciences backgrounds. The emergent space we all feel like home is Strategic Design.


Our playground lies at the edge of the unknown, where critical value spaces are emerging.

Core Team

Meet the creative minds working relentlessly to discover new insights and make your product more successful.

“They say the Devil’s in the details, but no one bothers to go over that in more detail.”


Strategic Director

Krasi focuses on the agency service portfolio and client relationships. She has many years of experience in strategy, product development, and sales leadership positions.

Krasi likes to tackle challenging projects and discuss new approaches to delivering value and making transformation efforts worth the time and investment.

In 2019, Krasi started Owtcome together with Daiana Zavate.


Design Lead

Daiana is responsible for developing proprietary strategic frameworks and methods to strengthen the differentiated approach to product value at Owtcome.

She is active with the design and service community to promote strategic design as a unique platform for outcomes and elevate the role of design in business to unlock the value of digitization and innovation.

“There are doors you need to pull and doors you need to push. I’m going to let that slide.”

“Don’t just follow your dreams, stalk them like you mean it.”

Nicolas ZAVATE

Creative Designer

Nicolas is the digital artist at the heart of storytelling at Owtcome. He brings abstract concepts to life and builds playgrounds for developing brand and product ideas.

He is passionate about Japanese art styles and pushes the boundaries of his creativity and imagination to design engaging stories full of meaning and depth.

Cut through the noise and show up differently.

We’re happy to discuss the best option forward.

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