We help you transform into a conscious business

A new generation of companies builds open and diverse cultures that tune into the bigger ecosystem. They focus on collaboration more than the competition and lead through change with trust and transparency. The long-term impact on people and the planet inspires them to build better connections. They regenerate from within to innovate and transform consciously.

Design is the heartbeat of human creativity. Everything we create becomes part of the collective blueprint we share with future generations. We need to design spaces where imagination, spontaneity, and curiosity can exist and grow strong to navigate through disruption and change.

Strategic design helps teams cultivate flexible skills and tools to experience complexity as an integral component of the workflow. The result of the collaborative design is a unique creative strategy that uplifts the potential of the teams and sets them ready to design for impactful outcomes.

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What we do

We use our proprietary strategic design method, Design Stems®, to discover the deeper layers of ideas and tacit knowledge that companies struggle to access and use in their business models. We elevate the brand story and connect the team’s unique abilities to the culture in order to experiment, learn, and grow. Our purpose is to assist you in your journey to become more aligned, diverse, and conscious about your actions.

Upskill on creative problem-solving and flexible thinking



We facilitate strategic design workshops for teams that blend strategy, design, and innovation


Creativity in Action

We use our design tools and skills to uplift your creative potential and help you (re)discover your own stories



We design new tools for holistic thinking, problem reframing, and efficient team collaboration using creativity and conditional design


Deep Collaboration

We help you learn how to use tacit knowledge to find new insights to transform your business


Experimental Methods

We build design methods based on extensive research to help you innovate and collaborate more efficiently


Team Journey

We design customized journeys for teams to integrate new patterns, connections, and perspectives

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We love to solve challenges.

Our superpowers

We are curious to understand the challenges of your business.
Then, we can determine how we can best assist you to execute on your ideas.


Are you using design to its most potential? 

Strategic design can elevate your business and culture. We help you empower your teams to collaborate and co-create better.



Are you using good insights to act with intent?

We integrate our senseframing models within your workflows to help you extract and codify tacit knowledge as a new source of creativity.

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Are you investing in the right skills and talent?

We provide tailored training programs for your teams to adopt strategic design methods, align to culture, and collaborate better.

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Are you trying to prepare for the unknown?

Disruptions and uncertainty put pressure on everyone. We help you to deal with the unknown and become more resilient to change.

What we stand for

Our principles

For all projects, we work with four principles because your success is our success.

Our mission

We want to help companies become conscious organizations.

Our values

We support the global movement of people using design as a force for good.

Our culture

We are always ready to discover and explore new areas with clients in fun ways.

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