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Which comes first – the product or the customer’s need? The answer will always change.

You could be like Steve Jobs and say, “We’ll just build it first and fast and get feedback later. Customers don’t know what they want anyway.” Or take on Seth Godin’s advice: “Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.”

We help companies break through this costly dilemma to manage risk and make effective decisions. 

Products become truly successful when they derive value from a need with the potential to elevate the customer experience in a brand-new way.

How can you apply this approach to create new business opportunities? Check out one of our clients, YOM, and their journey to unlocking a new value space in the Metaverse.


We focus on differentiation. With our in-house strategic tools, we map evolving customer needs, apply business model innovation, and strengthen your collaboration with partners.

Together, we build a more impactful product messaging and positioning to create new opportunities for growth.

Our clients do things differently by using a tailored approach to applying technology, empathy, and creativity to mine new value spaces.

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You can listen to the latest episode of ODD Owtcomes, “Delivering Meaningful Outcomes.”

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