Case Study

Redefining the impact of satellite connectivity & AI


AI and cloud


Mangata Networks, a global communications provider, offers a scalable and cost-competitive connected platform with widespread coverage and cloud access. But to become a trusted partner within healthcare, it needed an industry-specific value proposition.


The dynamics of the healthcare industry required a holistic understanding of the health providers’ needs to offer solutions that integrate easily, create frictionless experiences for the end users, and deliver operational effectiveness based on data-driven insights and AI.


Maintaining a holistic approach routed in customer centricity helped our client address the critical user need in remote healthcare with an innovative solution, a new business model, and a compelling value proposition.

“Enabling intelligent outcomes requires strong ecosystem partnerships.”

Complex requirements often requires working with multiple partners to create a differentiated solution that delivers customer value and impact.

Enabling intelligent outcomes starts by identifying the right capabilities that each partner can bring to each step of the customer journey.

Collaborating with partners is effective when there is clarity, alignment and trust around the risk assumed and the value generated.

We applied multi-dimensional, customer-centric approach to uncover critical need in remote healthcare and capture the evolving needs to ensure lasting differentiation.

We facilitated a co-creation workshop with the client and their key partners to ensure alignment and transparency on value and risk.

Additionally, we established a Partner Shared Commitment Space to operationalize and launch a program management function that accelerates the solution development and commercialization.

Service: Product Innovation
Project duration: 4 weeks

• Customer critical need
• Product positioning
• Value spaces
• Sustainable ecosystem

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