Case Study

Building a strategy for digital to pursue new business models




More Power Investments, a leading fintech provider in Botswana, was in the middle of implementing a digital transformation project to improve the customer experience. But the program was stalling.


Moving to digital required rethinking the business model and the customer engagement process to deliver seamless, personalized experiences and drive sustainable growth. The culture was considered a secondary priority.


Redefining the operating model around digital helped our client align its team on its purpose, foster a learning culture, and speed up time-to-market for products and experiences customers love.

“Digital transformation is 2/3 culture change.”

Going digital became imperative during the pandemic, providing a resilient response to disruption. However, many companies jumped into digital transformation without a clear and holistic strategy for success.

Companies undergoing digitization need to rethink their approach to value creation and acquire new capabilities that are aligned with the evolving needs of their customers and employees.

Initially, the client saw digital as just an incremental step. However, stopping there would have been a missed opportunity.

We began with an employee survey to assess the culture and identify frictions. Then, we collaborated with leadership to craft a digital-centric strategy. The outcome was a 3-year plan to transform their product and culture.

Additionally, we developed a total experience program to enhance employee experience, driving both business and customer success.

Service: Strategy & Culture
Project duration: 12 weeks

• Employees survey
• Total experience program
• Learning culture roadmap

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