Case Study

Enhancing the brand impact through identity, value, and narrative




Circular Agro is not just another player in the agricultural sector. With a bold, unconventional approach, they challenge traditional agriculture through their end-to-end value chain orchestration and outcome-focused mindset.


The unique offering required a bold and distinctive brand that reflects their ambitious goals and aspirations and a credible story. They faced the dual challenge of overcoming resistance to change and skepticism towards impact claims.


A unique brand blueprint, featuring a clear brand promise, differentiated positioning, and a compelling narrative to represent the vision and establish a strong, credible brand in the market.

“Transforming intentions into impactful actions requires a purpose-driven brand.”

Addressing climate action and economic disparities goes beyond innovative solutions; it requires a brand that people trust to guide them towards effective change.

A brand with a clear purpose inspires individuals to act, turning aspirations into tangible results through a consistent and compelling narrative.

The brand identity aligns all facets of the business, from product development to marketing, ensuring a unified and credible approach that resonates with the audience.

We distilled the distinct elements of Circular Agro—personality, story, values, culture, relationships, and interactions—to build a memorable and engaging brand identity.

We connected user needs to the company’s vision and purpose, defining a compelling brand promise.

Additionally, we crafted a powerful brand narrative to transform the purpose-driven story into a movement. A rallying call to action, inspiring stakeholders—including producers, investors, distributors, and consumers—to join and embark on a journey towards a better, nature-positive tomorrow.

Service: Brand Development
Project duration: 8 weeks

• Brand concept
• Brand promise
• Value proposition
• Interaction model

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