Rebranding from within

Big multinational ICT players are well equipped to address pressing digital challenges on a global level. But they often lack the deep understanding required to penetrate local markets with more specific needs.

Startups and smaller ICT companies seize that opportunity by forming partner ecosystems to bring the same diversity and quality of services to the underserved.

And for that, a strong brand value beyond tech capabilities becomes a differentiator for success in establishing trusting relationships with partners and customers.

Client Ask: : Build an authentic brand that can leverage the learning culture and support fast growth. A perfect job for Brand 360!

Consistent identity through authenticity

Spectrum Analytics, a NetApp partner in Africa, was struggling to reposition its brand to be more encompassing of the culture.

The team was growing fast and needed to maintain high performing and aligned teams around a shared purpose.

The mission to disrupt the status quo required a strong learning culture that aligned with the brand values, vision, and purpose.

Brand 360

Embedding a learning culture into the brand identity requires an emergent process to enable faster digital innovation and foster smart transformation.

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Duration: 8 weeks



We defined the purpose of learning and created a stronger connection between the brand values and day to day activities.

For authenticity to remain strong, the learning culture had to merge with the data practices.

Instead of standardizing learning, we made room for experimentation initiatives and, counterintuitively, for non learning moments of reflection to emerge.


Rebranding gave the company a more authentic identity to scale the business in a creative and agile way empowering micro teams to take on more diverse projects and experiment, therefore, learn more rapidly.

“Owtcome helped us bring to the surface a dense bundle of insights that we could translate into actionable plans.”
Tebogo Mogaleemang, CEO Spectrum Analytics

Check out Spectrum Analytics and their amazing journey!

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