Pivoting strategy with digital

Going digital has been imperative during the pandemic as a resilient response to disruption. But the challenge remains to build a clearer and “smarter” roadmaps to transform during the shifting conditions for success.

Companies undergoing digitization need to focus on
new capabilities and, most importantly, on their
customers’ and employees’ evolving needs.

Client Ask: Build a new strategy for digital to pursue new business models. A perfect job for Strategy Boost!

Digital transformation is 2/3 culture change

One of our trusted partners had a challenge in the
implementation of a digital enablement project.

Their client, an international fintech ecosystem,
wanted to accelerate its transformation to improve
the customer experience and expand into new lines
of business, but the program was stalling.

Moving to digital required rethinking the business
model and the customer engagement process to
make effective decisions. The culture was considered
a secondary priority.

Strategy Boost

Digital services were considered an incremental step in the company’s evolution. We helped the leadership team create a new vision around digital, with several horizons to transform the product and the culture.

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Duration: 12 weeks



We measured the pulse of the culture and the existing friction.

We created a shared vision and a three-year horizon plan with senior management to align the teams and improve the execution efforts.

Then, we developed a total experience program to elevate the employee experience as a key driver to customer success and a thriving culture.


Onboarding digital capabilities had to go hand in hand with redefining the company’s purpose and restructuring the business practices to build a learning culture.

Cut through the noise and show up differently.

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