Multi-Ocean Strategy Framework

Insights emerge out of rich narratives.

The Multi-Ocean Strategy Framework is a creative environment built from visual metaphors to explore the intricate relationships between different forces at play and prioritize the best course of action.

Impact in the ecosystem economy is a shared effort that requires nuanced understanding about value creation, and a high degree of adaptability and resilience.

Benefits of using the Multi-Ocean Strategy Framework: 

  • Speed up product alignment with market needs by assessing levels of impact.
  • Make more informed decisions through risk-mapping during periods of high uncertainty.
  • Build effective partnerships and collaborate more effectively.

Framework Components



Oceans are dynamic markets with unique conditions that determine your business model and product differentiation.


When you build an innovative product, you can’t stay in the Blue Ocean where your innovation was born for long.
Which markets should you pursue next to make a successful entry?
  • Move into the Red Ocean to bring a competitive product to the market.
  • Move into the Yellow Ocean when you are ready to hyperscale.
  • Move into the Green Ocean when you want to build a sustainable model.
  • Move into the Grey Ocean when your product improves local market conditions.
players together


Players are dynamic personas with specific roles and behaviours that take actions and build relationships to achieve impact.


When you move from one ocean to another, it’s key to consider the changes in your role and the relationships with others.

How do you evolve and redefine success to pursue the next opportunity?

  • If you start as a Seeker you can become a Maker to see the results of your idea or prototype.
  • Next, you can test your abilities to become a Buyer or Connector and actively participate in an ecosystem.
  • You can choose to become a Protector to ensure the value is distributed fairly and responsibly.
  • To keep on evolving, you may turn into a Maverick to challenge the status quo and bring new value to the market.
monsters 2


Monsters are internal and external risks that threaten your success and relationships when you are not responsive to the disruption they bring.


The challenge of navigating oceans is the changing conditions and risks in each that cloud your judgement to make effective decisions.

How do you respond to disruptions based on existing capabilities and goals?

  • Leviathan – Facing fear can trigger short-term thinking that threatens your success in the long run.
  • Moby Dick – An obsession over an idea despite warning signs can be very dangerous and deplete your resources.
  • Kraken – The signs of greed may go unnoticed when your ambitions to expand your business extend beyond present capabilities.
  • Mermaid – The seduction to transform or pursuing the next big thing may seem alluring, but there is a risk of losing sight of your goals and mission as a business.

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