Building a stronger UX practice

Transforming the business model from product to service to solution selling is a complex task with high stakes. If successful, it can strengthen customer relationships and provide new growth opportunities, building on customer success. The power of UX should not be underestimated.

If executed poorly, it can negatively impact the culture and the business performance. Companies often use UX as an alignment force to set the right conditions for success as they become experienced led and design oriented organizations.

Client Ask: Elevate UX to become a shared
responsibility. A perfect job for Active Empathy!

Orchestrating a multi touchpoint experience

Due to its scope and complexity, we joined forces with another team from an independent design company in this project.

Our client, a prominent player in the construction industry, was undergoing a sales transformation. For that type of change, they had to adapt their CRM system and redesign the touchpoints.

Active Empathy

Creating meaningful product experiences requires more than a UX vision and UX skills. Strong product delivery needs relevant product discovery and a unified product development process that uses user insights at each stage.

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Duration: 10 weeks



We built the vision for the UX and the strategic roadmap to make UX a shared responsibility.

We run a design print week with multiple stakeholders to rethink user personas, map user journeys, and improve impact steering efforts.

Not only that, but we designed a new product development process to help the agile development teams discover high impact user needs.


The leadership team recognized the value of adapting the existing product development process to create more impactful digital experiences and build lasting, cross functional UX practices.

Cut through the noise and show up differently.

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