Trailblazer-in-the metaverse


A trailblazer in the metaverse

It is the beginning of 2021, and Web 3.0 is emerging as a new form of the digital economy with a decentralized structure, reclaiming the digital sovereignty of user data.

Facebook hasn’t announced Meta yet and its vision of the future with immersive digital environments, working, socializing, and playing games inside virtual and augmented worlds.

It’s a challenging period for startups and forward-thinking companies to innovate and shape the new era of experiences.

Client Ask: Define product value with the leadership team and rethink customer experience. A perfect job for Strategy Boost!

Big questions, difficult answers

Our client, Beemup at the time (before rebranding to YOM), was building new solutions to provide brands with immersive storytelling powered by VR.

The team had a vision for the future but couldn’t overcome the limits of the current technology. Being stuck on the challenge for a while, they had to rethink the value of their product beyond VR.

To validate the business case for the Metaverse, YOM had to disrupt itself.

Strategy Boost

We challenged the positioning and the business model to help the team uncover meaningful product value and attract the right customers and investors.

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Duration: 8 weeks



We built a product strategy (product portfolio, business model, organizational capabilities).

We created a new go-to-Metaverse agency model and a clear positioning of the value (beyond tech).

And lastly, we identified the opportunity space for the product to leverage the startup’s technical skills and ride the major trend – the era of experiences.


The company pivoted from a VR studio to an open Metaverse platform and enabled peer-to-peer transactions with the launch of its token, YOM.

"Their conceptual approach impressed us."
Jorrit Velzeboer, CTO YOM

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