Our methodology

We developed our proprietary strategic design methodology, Design Stems®, to challenge the norms of team co-creation. We believe innovation in companies can happen from within. We used extensive research and the latest academic ideas in design, complexity, and collaboration to create an engine that distills your creative potential and to tailor a unique journey for you.

Design Stems® is a platform to help teams harness the power of creative potential and upskill flexible thinking. By focusing on the team dynamics in action, collaboration opens multiple possibilities to reaching goals.

  • Think differently about problems & outcomes
  • Experiment with counter-intuitive connections
  • Stretch beyond common assumptions & biases
  • Discover meaningful insights through collaboration

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Key components of Design Stems®

There are three things to know about our strategic design method: the Senseframing model, the Compass, and your Journey.

1. Senseframing

Senseframing is an integrated mental model of how we process information at every stage (from exposure to expression).

Dealing with complexity and uncertainty is not our biggest challenge. The hardest part is to make a conscious effort to connect with the world and ourselves.

2. Compass

Compass is a tool to understand how we map creative problem-solving skills to our in-house developed templates.

You can shift perspectives by using the Senseframing steps and have a shared team narrative. The templates are useful for reflection and analysis to get rich insights.

3. Journey

The Design Stems® workshop is a Journey and a transformative experience that is best achieved through collaboration.

Your team will move forward by using new insights for better decision-making and by integrating new creative problem-solving skills into their business routine.

Towards Deep Collaboration

Collaborative drawing plays a key part in our method. We use it because it is a powerful form of communication. It shows how informal ties create very strong bonds across silos. It sparks collaboration and reignites creativity, allowing you easy access to tacit knowledge, the untapped idea space.

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How we work

We use the principles of design thinking, complexity theory, and creative problem-solving to build a strategic path towards growth. We create customizable journeys to best support you in your efforts to make better decisions and create impactful experiences for your customers.