Who we are

“I haven’t tried that before so I’m probably good at it.” Pippi Longstocking

Our story began with a question: how can we see something new and recognize that it was there all along? We are talking about the creative flow required to bridge diverse perspectives. We saw a moment of possibility as we discovered that free, full, and creative expressions can inspire and embolden us to explore our ideas further. And so, we did.

Owtcome represents not the result, but the beginning of something new that is shaped and influenced by our actions and relationships. It’s an open mindset to reach new destinations and create what didn’t exist before. We sometimes think about it as “ought-to-come” possibilities.

Meet the founders

Krasi Bozhinkova

Founder | Strategy Director

In her role as Strategy Director, Krasi heads up the agency portfolio and client relationships. She has several years of experience in strategy, product development, and sales. What gets her curious and excited are complex challenges that require different perspectives and unusual approaches.

What is your drive?

Alt="Love drama"

“From a young age, I have always been fascinated by theater because drama and tension fuel my imagination. With the pace of change, we feel more at conflict being human. This creates a gap that drives us further apart. But I like how the human form still lingers in theaters. As we sit together, next to a stranger, all looking in the same direction, we are listening and taking in the performance, trying to open our hearts.” Krasi

Daiana Zavate

Co-Founder | Creative Lead

Daiana is a collaborator and an advocate for making Conceptual Analysis a part of Design Systems. With a background in Philosophy, she translates abstractions and establishes connections with immediate contexts. She is helping teams gain a clearer understanding of problem framing and innovate faster and more efficiently.

What do you dream about?


“Hm…what keeps me awake at night? A flow of ideas of how to loosen Gordian knots of bureaucracy and education, and sometimes quantum physics…even though I’m not sure what that really is. I dream that one day I will see how everything I’m doing now is a tiny brick into the foundation of a future where man-made constraints are an effect of understanding and loving nature, and not a product of fear, blame, and self-limiting beliefs.” Daiana

Do our principles resonate with you? We would love to hear your story and understand your journey.

The four principles of Owtcome

We are passionate about trends intersecting design, technology, and business. We are always looking for stories that shape modernity and society to help companies elevate their approach, thinking, and ideas.

Alt="Action icon"


You move, we tune in.

Together, we design a customized experience with the systematic frequency that fits your rhythm, objectives, and business drive.

Alt="Human 1 icon"


You thrive, we rejoice.

We share our experience and creative thinking to develop experiences alongside you, confidently moving towards impactful outcomes.

Alt="Unsettle icon"


You envision, we prepare.

We redefine boundaries and challenges to develop tools and strategies that will ease the efforts of your transformation.

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You grow, we consolidate.

Our strategic design approach serves as a consistent voice throughout change, so you can make the most of your potential.